Rain and Glory

I stood in the rain last night.

I’m in California, and we’ve had a very dry year. It’s rained in the previous weeks, but late in the night, and I slept through it. But last night, it rained while I was still awake, and I had to go out and stand in it.

It was a light rain, and warm, each drop a quick touch from the sky. It was glorious. On my chest, in my hair, on my face… The rain wasn’t heavy enough to wet my hair, really, but it was glorious.

I stood in the rain last night, and I prayed.

“Thanks be unto all the gods.” That was it–six words, said twice, with my arms stretched out, and rain falling on my face. With the words and the rain came a feeling of peace, and of joy.

Just a few moments. Less than a minute. And it was glorious.