Proof is Irrelevant nor Required

I got into a bit of a thing on Facebook the other day. I know, I know, you’re not supposed to do such things as they usually are like talking to stones, but after my initial response, my verbal sparring partner asked:

Fair enough, now is there any sort of evidence for the existence of the Christian God?

I’ve heard this question a good deal, particularly from atheists. How do we know that God, or the Gods, exists? Where is the proof that there is a being, greater than ourselves, that does anything?

My question is: why do I have to prove it to you? Do you want to learn why I believe as I do? I could certainly talk about that. But they are my beliefs about the Gods. I can’t speak for the whole of Christianity or the whole of Wicca, nor can anyone else, really. The Gods are real enough to me. If you don’t believe in my, or anyone else’s, idea of God, it doesn’t worry me one bit.

As a pastor and priest, it’s not my job to prove the existence of God, or Jesus for that matter. It is my job to help people find their own ways to follow their own path. If that path leads to atheism, that’s fine. If it leads them to Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other path. That’s all to the good, as far as I’m concerned.

The thing, I think, that a lot of people forget is that religions are not monoliths. No religion has only one “pure” form. Most religions have many different traditions. According to Wikipedia, there are an estimated 41,000 denominations of Christianity. There are probably hundreds of traditions of Wicca. There are several different traditions of Buddhism. There are so many different traditions of Hinduism, that no one really knows them all. There are many different traditions of Judaism. And that’s only a handful of the world’s religions.

All of these traditions see God or Gods differently. No two people see Deity the same way.

So, no, we can’t “prove” the existence of Deity.

But my Gods are real enough for me, and I don’t have to justify that to anyone.


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