Privilege, Power, and Responsibility

Power comes from Privilege. Power requires responsibility.

I had to drop out of seminary because I lacked the necessary financial privilege to attempt the course of study. I didn’t even qualify for the necessary student loans. Many people told me they thought I’d make a good minister, and I feel like I’ve let them down.

At the time I was attempting seminary, I was affiliated with the United Church of Christ (UCC). These days, I’m affiliated with The Episcopal Church (TEC), though not an official member. The UCC didn’t seem to have any financial assistance for seminarians at the denomination level, and delegated that downwards to the conference, association, and local church levels. Even then, a seminarian had to be “in care” or “in discernment” with a local church. If one was, at least in my area, one might get funds for attending things like Annual Gathering or maybe General Synod. But for the expensive seminary process? No. I don’t know what TEC might do for its seminarians.

Part of the reason I created The Idiot Before G0D was to have some kind of ministry that I felt I wasn’t able to really have. But in the following article, we have the Right Reverend William H. Love using his power as a bishop to deny a sacrament to an entire segment of the population.
Privilege and power are a bad mix, always.

Bishop Love, I will pray that you will be delivered from your exclusionary theology, and I pray that all whom your theology has harmed may be healed and find access to the sacraments as is their right as beloved children of G0D. (link will open in a new browser tab)

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