Prayer for Sofia

I feel like I should write an informative post about Winter and the Water element, like I’ve done for the other seasons (there are five seasons according to Traditional Chinese Medicine). But I’m still clawing myself up out of the grief of losing my precious, beloved dog to cancer. There are a few more weeks til Spring officially starts so I can still do that Water element post when I’m ready.

I had asked on facebook if anyone knew any pagan prayers for pet loss and a friend sent me a few links. The following poem came from this site but there is not author credited. The picture is a paw print of my dog on wet pavement taken about a week before she died.

prayer for SofiA month ago today, my husband and I spent the day with Sofi and took her to the beach. The following day, surrounded by her human pack, we said goodbye to her. I silently cast a circle and read that poem. We cried, we wailed. We’re still crying. It’s ok. It’s normal.

I visited a friend last night and her dog gave me kisses until I cried. It was actually a good thing. I see black dogs that look like my Sofia and it takes me aback, make my heart cringe but that’s ok. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Metal element teaches us to appreciate preciousness. It gives us the space to grieve and then to move on. We are doing this.

I am so grateful for the vet who came to our house to help Sofi cross over. That can’t be an easy job but it is so very important and precious to be able to bear witness for that moment for both the pet and the humans. (I still want to send her a thank you card.)

I asked my friends if anyone in the Bay Area would be interested in a ceremony for pet loss and a bunch of them said yes. Sometime in the fall, I’ll make that happen. For now, I get to be with my feelings. I light a candle for Sofi every night. She visits me in my dreams. She is running and the sun is shining and the sky is blue. She is happy and cancer-free.