#Pantheacon Season is Here! Yay! *kermitflail*

Yes, folks, Pantheacon is only 5 weeks away, and This Week In Heresy will be there! Not only will January and February be jammed packed with interviews from people who will be at the convention (which started this week with and awesome interview with Shauna Aura Knight), there will also be a Heretic’s Meet and Greet where you can come chat with me, and hopefully meet some of the folks I’ve interviewed! I’m also hoping to maybe do a live interview (or two) over the weekend.

So, if you’d like to come see me, I’ll be in the st4r.org / Circle of Cerridwen suite in room 966. I’m also doing a workshop on radical inclusion on Sunday at 3:30 in the Riesling room and a discussion on body image issues in the suite on Saturday at 3:30. Click here for a complete schedule for me and the Circle of Cerridwen’s hospitality suite.

And if you see me at the convention, feel free to say hello! (And I think I may still have pink hair then…or it might be orange…or blue…not sure yet….)

See you in February!

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