PantheaCon 2016 – See You There!

I’m running or helping run three rituals this year at PantheaCon, which is being held once again at the San Jose DoubleTree hotel on Presidents’ Day weekend, February 12-15th. There are WAY too many amazing things on the program this year for me to attend even half of what I’d like, and a lot of them are being run by devotional polytheists! I’m super excited.

Here are the listings for my three:

Four Thrones in Vanaheim – Devotional
Friday 11:00pm – San Juan/ San Carlos Rooms

In Vanaheim, four gods reign together in harmony: Njordh and Nerthus, Freyr and Freyja. Together they are the best known and most worshiped of the Vanir, the Northern gods of passion, peace and plenty. Join us for a ritual to get to know the essential gods of Vanatru Heathenry. A note for parents: The Vanir’s domains include sexuality, and an alcoholic offering will be served. The doors will be closed during guided meditation.

Vanic Conspiracy

The Vanic Conspiracy was founded in 2004 by Ember Cooke with a dozen or so like-minded friends. We study and honor the Vanir, whoever They may be, via monthly meetings for ritual and discussion, and seasonal celebrations. We also pay our respects to the gods and spirits of the Nine Worlds as allies to the Vanir, and the ancestors and landspirits. Our purpose is to help people – all kinds of people – cultivate their relationships with the Vanic powers.

Facets of Freya: A Devotional Ritual in Honor of Freya
Saturday 11:00pm – San Jose/ Santa Clara Rooms

Freya, Frowe, Vanadis. Seidhkona, Chooser of the Slain, Fertility Goddess, Brisingamen’s Bearer. Who is this Freya? In this follow-up to last year’s ritual, we will come face to face with several more of this fierce and beautiful Norse Goddess’s aspects. Learn about her, honor her, and ask for blessings from the beautiful and generous Lady of Vanaheim.

Cara Freyasdaughter/Freyja’s Aett

A collaboration of Freyja’s priestesses primarily based in the Bay Area.

Dionysos Hestios, Host of the Revel – Devotional
Sunday 7:00pm – San Juan/ San Carlos Room

Back and better than ever, we are gathering once more in devotion to Dionysos Hestios, the Host of the Revel, and his kin! Join us for ritual libations to the Lord of the Vine, and chanting and dancing with his wild Maenads! The doors will remain open, so please do wear your best dancing garb. Adults only: Alcohol will be served.

Ember’s note: Bring your drums!

Lon Sarver and Thiasos Bakkheios

Lon Sarver is a devotee and priest of Dionysos Hestios who has run rituals, feasts and revels to honor the Lord of the Vine since the earliest days of the millennium. Over that time, Lon has also been a professional witch and tarot reader at the Ancient Ways store in Oakland, a poly relationship counselor, an editor of MMORPGs, and currently edits erotic fiction. He has founded Thiasos Bakkheios, a polytheist devotional group, to help fellow devotees deepen their relationship with Dionysos.

I hope to see you all there!