More on the discussion at Pantheacon 2011

Sarah’s essays are now online on the Open Source Alexandrian website: Gender and Transgender in the Pagan Community (This was the essay that was distributed at the convention.) Pantheacon 2011 – Addressing Dianic Exclusion of Transgendered Women (This also includes links to the rituals we created for this and other links.) We are still waiting […]

Gender and the Pagan Community

This is a post that I’ve been wanting to write for awhile, but, as I’ve been finding out, it’s a pretty controversial issue. I know there are others out there who agree with my point of view, but there are just as many out there who either completely disagree, or don’t really think about it. […]

Being a Priest

In October 2003, I was in the last days of living with my coven leader and his partner, and it was pure hell. One Sunday, I left the house to get out of the way of some activity or other my coven leader was having, and I went to go get the keys to an […]

Blessed Eid

This year I’ve been learning more about Islam. This is mostly because of a co-worker that I’ve become friends with who is Muslim and really likes to have spiritual discussions with me. I also have another co-worker who practices a different flavor of Islam that I talk to occasionally, and this week I’ve been asking […]

Walking the Talk

My wife and I are starting the Open Source Alexandrian project, and as part of this project, we both have been reading as much as we can about the origins of Alexandrian, Golden Dawn, and other paths. In some ways, you can view a lot of modern paganism as living in the present. We have […]


I will be visiting Pacific School of Religion (PSR) all day on the 30th, and visiting Starr King the evening of the 31st. I’ll be visiting a class for both and taking a tour. For PSR I’m also interviewing with the admissions director, meeting with the financial aid folks, and attending a chapel service. I’m […]