Where lots of things are made, most of them Granny Squares

Lots of crocheting and spinnng in the last three weeks: Crocheted hat and scarf set out of Fisherman’s Wool. Crocheted pair of slippers made out of granny squares for one of my besties. Made several scarves for several people which were well received. 🙂 Resurrected and dusted off my spinning wheel which I hadn’t used […]

Sermon #2, Preaching Class, November 13, 2012: There Are Always Too Many

A few weeks ago, my coven and I celebrated the Wiccan holiday of Samhain. On this holiday that would celebrate bringing in the last of the harvest in times past, we honor the ancestors and beloved dead, and it is also considered the witches’ New Year. During this holiday, our lore says that the veil […]