Next Weekend is @Pantheacon! Come visit us in Room 966!

We’re getting really excited! This coming Friday is the start of Pantheacon, and we’ve been getting ready to present you with many wonderful things!

Our biggest gig is “Crossroads of Memory: A Trance Dance Ritual” Saturday night at 11 pm with Mage of Machines (which includes Circle of Cerridwen and CAYA Coven)! (I can tell you that this is going to be super awesome, since I’ve been listening to Sarah do the music all weekend!)

Calyxa, Denise, and Rev. Gina also have excellent programming for you, too, and you can read more about them on our Pantheacon 2016 page.

We also have a good deal going on in our suite, Room 966! The Pantheacon 2016 page has the most up to date schedule, but you can also read it in the program book.

The whole Circle of Cerridwen is looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend! Come by and say hello!