New Devotional Necklace: Get In Gears

This necklace started out as a bit of fun that turned into something much, much more.

At the turn of summer the Vanic Conspiracy gathered to renew one of our group spells in honor of Njordh, asking Him to help us “bring our ships safely in” with a bountiful catch. To do this we tie symbolic charms to an ornamental fishing net while singing songs for Him. I got a whole pile of new charms for this year’s renewal, and amongst them was a small box of little metal gears. I felt they were appropriate for requests for help to “make it go”, and they were very popular, but I had way, way more than we needed.

Gears Pendant

It takes many kinds of gears working together to make it go.

So I took the extra home, and started playing around with reclaimed bits of chain here and tassels there, and put this necklace together. Once it was in my hand, of course I immediately recognized the Steampunk style, and was reminded very much of a silly-and-sincere Steampunk Blot held a couple of years ago at PantheaCon to honor the crafty Svartalfar.

Parts Is Parts

A closer view of the chain, tassels, and gears that make up this Steampunk-themed necklace.

This caused me to realize that another necklace I had made was actually meant to honor the beautiful Ljosalfar – it had seemed incomplete until that moment. I had intended for them to be posted for sale together here, but when I showed them to my congregants at Midsummer, the Ljosalfar necklace was immediately claimed! (Still I’ll put a picture of it at the end so you can see it.)

Getting In Gear

Chain tassels and antiqued brass gears give this necklace Steampunk style.

To Process ($40): Antiqued brass gives a bronzed look to this chain necklace. Ornamental gears invoke steampunk style and a Svartalf work ethic. Delicate chain tassels and a single tiny brass bell lend a Victorian air. ~23″ easily shortened, with a beaded-chain clasp. The central gears hang down 4″ from the chain.

This necklace was blessed under the waxing moon at midsummer to help the wearer progress in their goals and efforts.

Price includes shipping for North American buyers. International buyers, we’d need to discuss shipping costs.

To purchase this necklace, email me at Ember Outreach at Gmail dot Com with your mailing address, and selection.

Payment is via PayPal. 🙂


P.S. Here’s the Ljosalfar necklace that sold before I could post it! 🙂

Purple Vine

Silvery leaves and knotted purple hemp for the Ljosalfar.