MWD: Weakness

My Month of Written Devotion is for the Spirit of the Santa Clara Valley


Perhaps my greatest weakness regarding my Lady is in accounting for all that is Hers. In my bias, I want to account for the land itself, the plants and animals, and yet ignore most of what humans have built up on, around, and for Her.

That’s wrong. Humans are not separate from nature. Building IS our nature. I know this to be true, but I get so fed up with what we humans have built, and destroyed in the process, that I want to believe it’s possible for things to be separate.

These things – the business parks along the Bay, the skyscrapers in San Jose, the quarrys and pits and generators… They’re Her’s too. I don’t deny the history is Hers, why do I deny the present? Because what of history is Hers has made its mark, and stuck, and it remains to be seen what of the present will do the same? What the Land dreams for itself does not necessarily include all that we dream up for it, after all. The landfills are often not there yet, but we etch the highways deeply into the consciousness of the land…

The Mission is most certainly THERE, in all its glory and sorrow. The cemeteries are there, more in joy and gentle regret. But that also means the Universities are there, and we can celebrate that too. The Infinite Loop is there, pizza deliveries to Apple and all. The trains and tracks are there, whether disused or traveled still.

All the countless homes, of course, whether crumbling studios or towering mansions.

And all the people. Are we Her weakness?

No, She smiles, We are part of Her joy.


P.S. Lon is doing it too! 😀

P.P.S. Charlie Glickman has some useful insights I think are relevant here.