MWD: How Do I Know Her?

My Month of Written Devotion is for the Spirit of the Santa Clara Valley


Born and raised here, all my life
Between the hills and bay
Though I may wander, Home is here
I’m rarely long away.

I can not be Her only love,
Her heart is far too great,
Her lavish curves too welcoming
for one alone to sate.

I grew, unwitting of Her love,
to love Her as a bride,
until, impatient, She grew bold
and called me to Her side.

She sent the horned and antlered ones
to fetch me in my head,
that I would hunt the wild hart
and follow to Her bed.

What I am now I can not say.
Some say I am Her “King”.
I only know that someone needs
to hear this Valley sing.


P.S. Read Lon’s “How”! 😀