MWD: Friendship

My Month of Written Devotion is for the Spirit of the Santa Clara Valley


Don’t get my wrong, I love my Lady, but we’re not exactly friends. Not as She is a divine entity, anyway.

I suppose I sort of feel like I’m friends with the smaller landspirits in the Valley, though. Not every single one, of course. There are placewights I am definitely friends with – the Hotel Spirit at the San Jose DoubleTree is definitely an old friend, as are, of course, the spirits of both the house I live in now and the home I grew up in that my Mom still lives in.

But my Lady… friendship doesn’t feel like the right word for it. It’s simultaneously not intimate enough, and too familiar. Friendship feels light, casual, where my relationship with my Lady feels more carefully reverent? I’m not afraid of Her, exactly, I’m just… like when you enter a space with an animal that you know is curious enough to stick around, but wild enough to run if threatened, so you move carefully. But that’s not right either, because She’s definitely not afraid of me.

Maybe it’s the way people from more formal families than mine treat their Elders?

It feels like the difference between a Mad Tea Party and a Japanese Tea Ceremony, but probably not quite that extreme.


P.S. Lon is doing it too! 😀