Moving (physically) this week!

Hi all!!

If you’ve been wondering why TWIH hasn’t been blasted as much over social media this week, it’s because the wife and I were out of town for an extended weekend (partly business, partly relaxing). I’ll also not be available this week because we will be packing like crazy and then moving house this coming Sunday, as well as doing a Samhain service for Between the Worlds Church on Saturday the 25th.

Prayers and good vibes for the move are greatly appreciated! 🙂

While I’m away, though, you’ll still get a fantastic episode this Friday about Heathenry with Ember Cooke, and we have a special Samhain episode on the 31st! I’ll be back to regular office hours and web presence after Samhain.

Hope you all have a very blessed Samhain season!

Rev. Gina

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