Month of Written Devotion 7: Dark

How long your journey seems and how dark your future, for no one sees the jade hidden in the stone. One day a clever stonecutter will saw it out, and a priceless jewel will see this light of day. – poem 32 from The Kuan Yin Oracle by Stephen Karcher
Light becomes dark and dark becomes light. The taiji (Yin/Yang) symbol demonstrates this really well. There is a kernel of Yin within Yang and one of Yang within Yin. As a devotee of Kuan Yin, I think it’s important to hold space for people who are depressed or alone, especially during winter holidays, and remind them that light will soon return.

As I am camping at a medieval festival, I am reminded of the magic that happens in the dark, of my friends who play beautiful music around campfires and the graceful dancers who move to it. In the dark of night, we can appreciate the moon in all of its glory and how it’s reflected on the lake. We can walk around the campground illuminated by torchlight and be transported to another time and place. During the daylight, that magic fades a bit to reveal the telephone lines, cars, and plastic tent stakes of our ordinary world.

Dark becomes light and light becomes dark and that by itself is magic.



Note: This series was inspired by the Month of Written Devotion idea. If you want to participate, go there for the list of daily prompts.