Month of Written Devotion 28 – Lost

Yesterday’s topic caused me to draw a blank. Today’s topic I find to be easy to write about.

One of the works Kuan Yin has called me to do is the Spirit Babies ceremony. Basically, this is a ceremony for anyone who has been affected by miscarriage, abortion, stillbirth, or any other perinatal loss. I was called to make this ceremony available to others after my own pregnancy loss a few years ago.

I first did this ceremony for myself, on the beach, with the guidance of my friend and priest Gina. Then, several months later, I got up in front of a class and talked about it. Amber, who was in the class came up to me after and said we needed to make it happen for other people. And so we did. That was four years ago and we’re still doing Spirit Babies ceremonies, at least once a year, in the Bay Area. I wanted a place to give voice to our suffering, so Kuan Yin could embrace us in the light of her compassion.

I’ve already written about “The importance of grieving, self-care, and community” , so I’ll try not to repeat myself here.

In the past year, I’ve lost a patient, a coworker, a teacher, and my grandmother. My patient and my coworker passed within a few weeks of each other, each due to cancer (different kinds). I had to take off time from volunteering at a cancer clinic because of it. The grief was too much. Taking time for self-care was not only a good idea, but necessary for me to replenish my energy and be compassionate with myself.

When we lose someone, they live on in our memories.





I remember you.

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Kuan Yin and Mizuko Jizo on the Spirit Babies altar in 2012

Kuan Yin and Mizuko Jizo on the Spirit Babies altar in 2012