Month of Written Devotion 27 – Balance

I’m a Libra and I found this the hardest of all of these posts to write. I’ve had writer’s block all day about it.

I could talk about Yin and Yang, or black & white photography. But I think I’m going to talk about balance in the sense of fairness and justice. Before I sat down to write this, I obsessively went through all of the 26 other posts to correct the link at the bottom of each one. I did this because yesterday, I realized that I was crediting the wrong person on tumblr for coming up with these Month of Written Devotion posts and I wanted to make it right.

I should also link to my friend Lon’s blog, where I first found out about this idea. He’s been doing a series on Melek Ta’us (you can follow that link to find out more about who Melek Ta’us is).

Also, I want to thank my covenmate Gina for setting up the first week of these posts for me while I was on vacation, writing from a tent. Among other things, Gina is the host of “This Week in Heresy”, which is one of my favorite podcasts. She is starting another blogging idea with prompts called 30 Days of Social Justice. I am looking forward to reading what people write about.

I think it’s important to give people credit for things. If I ever had to make an acceptance speech for an award, my thank you list would go on forever.

Note: This series was inspired by the Month of Written Devotion idea. If you want to participate, go there for the list of daily prompts.