Month of Written Devotion 16 – Friendship

Do I think of Kuan Yin as a friend? Good question. Should I? Probably.

I think of friends as people you can call on any time of day or night. They’re the people who will hold your hand in both good and bad times. You can be silly with them. You can be serious with them. You can hang out and do nothing with friends and you can have epic adventures with them.

I also believe that friendship means being honest even at the risk losing that friend. I have a friend who disappeared from my life because of it. I still hold a place in my heart for them and pray to Kuan Yin for them often.

I tend to make friendships quickly and remain friends for a long time, even if I don’t see them often or if they live far away. For me, friendship transcends time and space. I also think true friendship and loyalty go together. (I’ll write more about loyalty on Day 20 for that prompt.)

Until the other day when I wrote the post about Understanding, I wasn’t sure I could be silly with Kuan Yin. Doesn’t silly mean irreverent? Maybe not. Kuan Yin makes me laugh. When I do readings with the Kuan Yin oracle, often the answers I get are either serious or funny.

So I guess I would call Kuan Yin my friend. She is a friend to me but I’m not sure how to reciprocate that friendship with her directly. Maybe that will become more clear as I continue this month of written devotion. (Yay, I made it halfway through!)

Note: This series was inspired by the Month of Written Devotion idea. If you want to participate, go there for the list of daily prompts.

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