Month of Written Devotion 15 – Companionship

My pets are my most trusted and devoted companions. My dog has been by my side for some very happy times and for some very sad ones. On the days I am the only human home, I am never truly alone because of my dog and cat. Pets know when we are happy and when we are sad. They want to help if something is wrong.

I didn’t grow up with pets other than hamsters and goldfish. It’s much easier for me to get attached to dogs and cats. When people ask me if I have children I always say “Yes, a dog and a cat.”

The dog in the photo below is not mine. He was outside the living quarters of the nuns at the Kuan Yin temple I visited in Xinjin, China. I’m glad to know that the nuns there have companions too. dog at kuan yin temple

Note: This series was inspired by the Month of Written Devotion idea. If you want to participate, go there for the list of daily prompts.