These are current members of the Open Source Alexandrian Tradition and/or WOGD. Most write here on Some members have opted to not be listed for privacy reasons.

Antinoë Magdalene

Antinoë Magdalene, mundanely known as Constance McEntee, is a queer trans woman (pronouns e, em, eir, emself). An eclectic Christian kitchen-witch, e regularly works with Antinoüs, Mary Magdalene, the Tetrad++ (a six-being, deity group that transcends gender), YHVH/Jesus/the Holy Spirit, Buer, Melek Ta’us, and the Adversary. E’s also the blogger behind Punk Prayers.

Calyxa Omphalos

Calyxa has been a member of the Circle of Cerridwen since 2011 and has been a follower of the spiral path from long before then. She is the creator of the Elemental Hexagons Oracle Deck and is a co-conspirator in the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn.


Debbie is the CoC resident fairy and the fourth person to join the coven. Her only regret is having missed the G+S handfasting. If a Fairy Tale seems to apply to your life circumstance …then it does.



Fennis (Fenn for short, They/Them) is a recent initiate at the Circle of Cerridwen, arriving in Agender splendor. They are an agnostic pagan and eco-spiritualist. All things that go bump in the swamp and bog are friends of Fenn, and this is reflected in their spiritual practice. Special focus is given to interacting with the spirits of flora, fauna, and the land.

Rev. Gina Pond

Rev. Gina was initiated into an Alexandrian-type coven in 1999, and received her Third Degree on Beltane of 2010 as co-founder, along with her wife Sarah Thompson, of the Open Source Alexandrian tradition and the Circle of Cerridwen in the SF Bay Area.  In November 2013, she was approved for ordination in the Progressive Christian Alliance, and had her ordination ceremony on March 15, 2014. She graduated from Pacific School of Religion with a Masters of Divinity in May 2014. Rev. Gina also served on the Minister’s Board at City of Refuge, UCC, which is a radically inclusive Christian congregation. She and Sarah have recently moved to Switzerland.

Rev. Gina was also the host of the This Week In Heresy podcast, which was a weekly interview podcast where Rev. Gina interviewed those who are exploring the boundaries of progressive thought, religion, and social justice. She also writes about current spiritual topics on her blog, promotes body positivity in spiritual communities, and is looking into doing something more on YouTube.

She is also the webmaster and editor of, likes to weave and spin yarn, and usually has no hair.

Kris Korz

Kris met the Circle of Cerridwen at hir first PantheaCon in 2016 and knew ze had stumbled onto something fantastic.  As a pansexual quoiromantic androgyne, ze considers hirself triply queer and queerness is fundamental to hir sense of self.  Also core to hir identity is hir mental illnesses, and ze hopes to one day serve as a psychiatric nurse.  Raised by atheists, hir spiritual path has been wholly self-defined and combines elements of eclectic Wicca, Mahayana Buddhism, and looks to incorporate elements of Shakti Tantra.  Hir favorite witchy props include candles and gemstones.

Denise “Nisaa” Cicuto


Nisaa is a Witch and Healer. She is a third degree Priest in the Circle of Cerridwen. In another magickal tradition, she is a Gryffindor.

Part of her spiritual mission includes leading an interfaith ceremony for those who have experienced pregnancy loss. The ceremony is called Spirit Babies and takes place at least once a year around the Winter Solstice (listen to This Week in Heresy Episode 23: Mourning pregnancy loss through ritual.)

You can find some of her musings, which include incorporating Chinese Five Elements into Pagan ritual, at “Through the Dragon Door”.

Sarah Thompson


Sarah Thompson is a queer, trans, 3rd Degree witch and is a co-founder of the Open Source Alexandrian tradition, the Circle of Cerridwen and of the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn. She and Gina have recently moved to Switzerland. She is also a photographer, musician, filmmaker, ham radio operator and the wife of a vicar.

Sarah is also the server wizard for