March 8: Lent 2020 #2

Layperson Lecture #6

To quote Ecclesiastes chapter 3 verse 1, “There is a time for every purpose under heaven.” So now it’s time for a Layperson Lecture! I’m Constance McEntee, seminary drop-out and The Idiot Before G0D.

The scripture selections for the second Sunday of Lent, 8 March 2020, come from

GENESIS 12:1-4a is about G0D telling Abram to leave his homeland in search of another, trusting that another will be found.

PSALM 121 tells us that G0D will always be there for us, protecting us. 

In ROMANS 4:1-5, 13:17, Saint Paul tells us Abraham (previously known as Abram) was justified by his faith in G0D rather than in following G0D’s instructions. This is another place where I butt heads with Saint Paul, as I’ve heard altogether too many people say it doesn’t matter what they do, they have faith so they’re saved. Yes, they will try to do G0D’s will. But since the LORD is all-knowing, G0D already knows they’ll fail and will need to be forgiven again. True, my problem here isn’t so much what Saint Paul wrote but how his words are used by some folks to excuse the wrongs they do.

The selection from Gospel according to Saint JOHN 3:1-17 tells the story of Nicodemus and Jesus talking about being born a second time. This second birth Jesus talks about seems to be a metaphor for a spiritual awakening.

Trying to find a common theme in CONCLUSION from these four selections is a bigger challenge than I was expecting. I guess this is where a complete seminary education would’ve really been useful. But, that’s just it. The laity outnumbers the clergy. But the clergy shouldn’t be seen as some kind of elite final authority for the masses (no Catholic pun intended). If the scriptures don’t speak directly to the average believers, the canon needs to be modified.

So, I offer this BENEDICTION: let’s remember that we don’t always need to be able to draw complete conclusions all that time. Let us strive to be okay with uncertainty with the help of the Lover, the Beloved, and the Love Overflowing.

Amen, and go with G0D.