Living with the Five Elements photography show opening on 7/14/17

This is a photography show related to the Living with the Five Elements talk I gave at Pantheacon earlier this year:

Join me on Friday July 14th for the opening of my show Living with the Five Elements: A Year in Photographs from 6-9pm at Inkblot Gallery, 933B Central Ave on Alameda.

In January 2016 I began my studies of Alchemical Healing in a mentorship lead by Lorie Dechar and Benjamin Fox in New York and Maine. It is part of my continuing education as an acupuncturist. As part of the mentorship, I did a photography project which lead to this body of work. I showed up to the first class in upstate New York, camera in hand, on the weekend of a blizzard that shut down Manhattan. Welcome to Winter.

I took photographs over the course of four weekends in New York and one in Maine. This is my interpretation and experience of living with the five elements and their corresponding seasons: Water/Winter, Wood/Spring, Fire/Summer, Earth/Late Summer, and Fall/Metal.