Kuan Yin Oracle presentation at Pantheacon on Sunday 2/14/16 7pm

I’m pleased to announce that my proposal for a Kuan Yin Oracle presentation is now on the official Pantheacon schedule  ! Join me on Sunday 2/14 at 7pm in the Boardroom for an introduction to this divination system that is thousands of years old, dedicated to & inspired by the Goddess of Compassion. We’ll discuss the history, look at some different versions & do a divination.

My Circle of Cerridwen coven mates also have some great sessions lined up:

Saturday 1:30 PM Tattva Vision of the Golden Dawn with the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn

Saturday 11:00 PM: Crossroads of Memory: A Trance Dance Ritual with Mage of Machines

Sunday 3:30 PM: Radical Inclusion for Pagans with Rev. Gina Pond

Stay tuned for more Circle of Cerridwen info for Pantheacon as we get closer to February!