In honor of Blue

This poem was read at the Spirit Babies ceremony on February 14th, 2014.

In honor of Blue

by Marna Cathleen


We touch each other between the worlds

Through the trees

In my dreams

Between the worlds

She flows from my heart and her home,

We dance Between the worlds

Where it’s quiet, where only love exist

Where death is an epic experience and life is but moment

We touch in the silence and our hearts sing

Where eternity is an idea of forever and forever never comes

Where bodies are no longer needed

Where souls touch in the infinite space of invisibility

where boundaries between her body and my body no longer exist

Always Mother and daughter

One leading the other

Teaching each other the ways of life and death

From between the worlds

Blue, I love you forever and forever is right here!


Candles from 2012 ceremony

Candles from 2012 ceremony