How does the garden grow?


Spirit babies garden progress

 It’s been about 41 days since I planted the Spirit Babies garden. Look how it blooms and grows! 

I am particularly excited about how well the cala lilies have come back. The pot had been ‘invaded’ by a mint plant which I repotted and moved out of my cat’s reach. (I caught him on the windowsill trying to eat it.) I need to get another jizo for the garden, since the one in the picture is not made for outdoors. He usually sits on my altar inside the house and I let him into the garden on special days like today.

It is Summer Solstice. On this, the longest day of the year, we celebrate fertility and growth. That may also be hard for some of us who have experienced pregnancy loss. But fertility is not just about pregnancy. It’s also about creativity and the inspiration and thoughts that spark it. 

Since I started the garden on Mother’s Day, I thought it was appropriate to post an update on Father’s Day. I am holding space for anyone having a difficult day today. Every day I tend to the plants, as do the notes planted in the soil, which were written by some of you at the Spirit Babies ceremonies. Know that your love is part of this garden.


Cala lilies, jizo, marigold, and forget-me-nots