How did I keep my faith?

A purple Gnostic cross, outlined in gold, on a pink background within a blue frame.

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I forget how it started now, and I can’t find the Facebook post. I think it was a post about Christianity and being Transgender and I commented something along the lines of, “G0D doesn’t make mistakes. That’s why G0D made me Transgender.”

Another trans person asked me, “How did you keep your faith?”

I remember responding that I’m basically a cafeteria Christian as well as a heretic, and readily pick and choose which parts of the Bible I feel are worth following. But the more I thought about this, the more I realized there was more to the answer than that.

I can’t deny that it seems contradictory to be a Transgender and Queer Christian. I wrote a Good Friday post about this paradox. And part of the reason I kept this Faith was spite. It is my birthright. I was born into a Catholic family and baptized in the Names of the Trinity. This idea of birthright and being dispossessed by my Church family is part of the reason I created my own crest.

I, and other Beloved Children of G0D like me, deserve the sacraments of the Church, all of them. We deserve to be given a place in the sanctuaries, both among the laity and the clergy.

Keeping the faith is my birthright. And I will not let the institutions of humanity take that from me.

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