Half a World?

There are days, and then there are days, but each day is one.

A day can begin with a phone call that frightens you and makes you feel helpless. That day can continue with doing what little one can to comfort a loved one being assaulted by fear, and then go on to comforting another loved one who has just run out of cope.

That same day can include the smile on a homeless man’s face when I can spare a couple of bucks instead of a handful of coins. It can include a beautiful drive with the sun setting on the right and the moon rising on the left, holding the broad earth and the blue sky between them, and moving me to praise the earth, sea, and sky, the lights of the heavens, and the dead who sleep in the earth.

There is good in each day, and bad in each day. One does not negate the other, even if one sometimes causes more hurt than the other heals. Take heart; some other day the beauty will heal more than the pain hurts.

So it is with all things in the world, and the worlds above and below. The gods themselves are not all-good, nor all-bad. They are what they are. How, then, could we mortals be otherwise? We are what we are, we hurt, we heal, we create beauty and pain.

We can, we must, choose to embrace the beauty, and the healing. We cannot, must not ignore the pain and the hurt.

Loving each other for our beauty need not mean ignoring the harm we do. Calling each other to take responsibility for the harm we do need not mean ignoring the beauty we create.

The world is beautiful, the world is terrible. What fool would settle for only half a world?