Hail Keith “Cynan” Roberts! Rest Well, Old Friend.

Keith Roberts, better known to the extended SF Bay Area Pagan, Fandom, SCA, Poly, etc. communities as Cynan, died earlier today.

I’m not up for writing a glowing obituary just yet. Cynan was a dear friend of mine, and I was absolutely wrecked when we thought we lost him on Monday. I knew that his being in a medical coma on life support thereafter simply meant that his beloved wife Kim was being left with the difficult choice of when to pull him off of that support.

She chose today. Those who were able to attend in person were welcome. I was not able to do so, but I sang for him on Monday, and last night. By the time I woke up today, he had passed on. I have a candle burning for him to guide his passing now.

I first met Cynan at sci fi conventions when I was a teenager. He was unconditionally supportive, and gently honest. He treated me as having the mind and agency of an adult, but gave me the protection due a child, which was exactly what I needed. When I joined the Pagan community, he was there, supportive as always. Throughout my life he has been there. Not every day, but at regular, trustworthy intervals.

He always loved my singing, and I knew from the clarity of his own beautiful voice that this was high praise indeed offered from someone who knew singing well.

I don’t know what to say to praise him, honestly. I’m still wrapped up in my own loss with his absence from the community.

A lot of people are mourning our friend, brother, uncle, mentor.

Please be supportive if you can, especially to Kim.

Hail the New Ancestor, Cynan Roberts! May you journey well, old friend!