Gauging Interest: South Bay Interfaith Clergy Meetup?

I was talking with a fellow South Bay clergy person the other day, and we both had the impression that there’s not as much clergy support, particularly for progressive clergy, in the South Bay as there is in the East Bay and San Francisco. So, we’ve decided to do something about it: we want to have an interfaith South Bay Clergy meetup once a month starting in September.

As with the 1st Friday Online Clergy Chats, this will be an interfaith group: if you are considered clergy in your tradition, you are welcome to come. We feel that there are common issues that all clergy have to deal with when dealing with groups of humans and that ALL clergy need support from fellow clergy for these issues. Who better to understand what you’re going through, right?

The idea is to meet at a restaurant for dinner (we’re considering places like Hobee’s in Cupertino, or a Denny’s that has a separate group room) and just talk to each other. If someone has a particular topic they’d like to discuss, we can certainly do that, too. The rules for the meet up will be the same as they are for the 1st Friday Chats, with the addition that we’re not really there to discuss the finer points of theology, we’re there to talk about our work as clergy and to support each other in that work.

Our thought was to have the dinner once a month on the 2nd Monday of the month starting in September, but we’re gauging interest now to see if that schedule would work or if we need to change it. What we need to know is who would be interested in coming and what kind of schedule would work for people. Also, if you have ideas of a place where we could have the meet up that you think would be better, please let us know! Please comment and let us know either here on the blog or wherever you see it on social media. You can also send me (Rev. Gina) email here. It would also be helpful to know if people would like to start a email list for this as well. (As much as Facebook can be useful, not everyone is on Facebook and Facebook’s algorithms make groups not quite as effective as they could be.)

Hope to hear from folks, and if you know someone who you think might be interested, please pass this on!

Rev. Gina


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