Fourth Week of Samhain: Rest

When you come to Me, you will rest. You will find comfort and love in My arms. The worries and cares of this world will fade over time, and you will see wonders beyond your imaging.

If you ask, as you are now, for rest, I can only give it to you for a very short time because coming back to this world pales in comparison. It will make you sad and wish for more.

But when you come to Me in your final hour, you will finally be free to lay all of the burdens at my feet in full. You will be free to let them go, and I will hold you as you cry out everything and remember all of who you are.

When you have fully rested in My arms and added the memories of this life to the Universe, I will give you the choice.

You will move on to the next journey, the next life.

And I will wait for you to return to Me, for I am always here.

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