“Fluid Is My Gender”

For National Coming Out Day, I present to you a guest post and collaboration with my dear friend and colleague, Dee Shull. They shared with me this poem, and I so loved it that I asked them if I could make a graphic and blog post out of it.😀 –Ember–

"I am fluid"


Fluid Is My Gender
by Dee Shull, 2016

I am the raging seas, indigo-black and pale green foam and flashes
when the lightning echoes in the skies

I am the shining brook, dappled in gold and green and so deep
that if you fall in, you will never be found

I am the spring at the bottom of the pond, animals finding me
hospitable and life-giving even in the dry times

I am the well, deep and quiet, full moon and midday sun
reflected in my waters

I am the trickle through the stone that cracks
the foundations of your world

I am the mist that conceals us both

I am the spray of the tide of the ninth wave crashing in

I am the pounding of the rain on your roof, reminding you
that many autumns begin with petrichor

And I am the dew in the fields, casting rainbows in dawn light.

I am genderfluid. My gender is fluid. Fluid is my gender.
Would that my body           could conform to my soul.