February/March 2015 Bulletin: Spring is here!

Hello friends!

We have many blessings to offer for the Spring season!

Upcoming Services:

Services are currently held at City of Refuge, UCC, 8400 Enterprise Way in Oakland. There is ample parking to the side and behind the church (the gate is to the right/behind the church), and there is wheelchair access from the front doors. We typically meet in the Sanctuary starting at 3 PM, unless otherwise stated.

March 21, 2015 3 PM: Ostara (Spring Equinox) Service

Come join us as we bring in the Equinox. We will be blessing seeds with our intentions for the rest of the year, and blessing the garden, so that the goals and intentions will bear abundant fruit. There will be a Eucharist.

April 4, 2015, Noon – 3 PM: Three Hours Agony Holy Saturday Service

On Holy Saturday, we mourn that Jesus has died and sit vigil at his grave. During these three hours you are welcome to come and sit vigil with us. You are welcome to come any time during the three hours to meditate, follow the stations of the cross, and reflect on the meaning of Easter. There will be meditative live music by Sarah Thompson, Mage of Machines, and a visual walk through the Stations of the Cross.

There will be NO 3rd Saturday service in April because of the Holy Saturday service.

Looking Ahead:

May: Our regular service on May 16, and we will possibly be in the new City of Refuge Sanctuary

June: We are possibly doing a special service for June and Pride month. Watch this space.

July: There will be no service in July due to The Fellowship of Affirming Ministries Convocation.

Rev. Gina’s News and Notes

I hope everyone had a good January and February! We had a very busy couple of months, especially in February when we helped with he st4r.org suite at Pantheacon 2015.

A huge congratulations to our members Deacon Connie and her wife Anne on their wedding at Pantheacon 2015!! I was very honored to perform the ceremony, which was really awesome. I was also honored to help with Anne’s 1st Degree initiation into the Circle of Cerridwen and Connie’s 3rd Degree Ordination! Congratulations to you both!

I’d like to also congratulate Deacon Denise for a very lovely Spirit Babies ceremony at Pantheacon and her upcoming 3rd Degree Ordination in the Circle of Cerridwen on March 13!

I’d also like to thank everyone for the kind birthday wishes at the January service! Thank you so much, and you all are the best!

I hope your Spring and Easter is full of spirit and light!

Please give!

Your cash donations that we collect at services allow us to pay for the space we use and do the work we need to do! Even a dollar will help towards our costs. So, when you see the donation box during services, please give what you can! And if you can’t give, you can give of your prayers or in service!

Thank you all for your support!

Many Blessings,
Rev. Gina