Eye Dream

Okay, that was weird. The image just returned to me from today’s dream, of looking in a brassy mirror to find a bloody streak running down my forehead, dripping as a tear from the corner of a third eye, open and watery in the middle of my forehead, to stop at my left eyebrow.

“Why didn’t anyone tell me? I’m sure I looked alarming!” I exclaimed, wiping the blood from my forehead.

“We thought you knew,” they shrugged, uninterested.

“This is the first chance I’ve had to look in the mirror since it happened!”

“Oh. Sorry,” they replied flatly.

I  have no idea what “it” was that “happened”.

Why would my third eye be crying blood? I mean, I can think of several reasons, all socio-political national and world events that are scaring and upsetting me. But is that really what’s up?