Enochian Chess Congress @Pantheacon

Enochian Chess Board

Enochian Chess: A four-handed elemental chess game.

Enochian Chess was created by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn by combining a sub-set of squares from each of the four Great Watchtower Tablets channeled by Edward Kelley and recorded by John Dee with the four-handed chess game from India, Chaturanga. In the 1980s, the rules for Enochian Chess were reconstructed by Chris Zalewski from the records of the defunct Whare Ra Temple in New Zealand.

This year at Pantheacon, come to the Circle of Cerridwen hospitality suite #966, where we are hosting an Enochian Chess Congress. Participation is open to all with more than one way to join in the fun. No previous experience needed to play! Joining the Congress is as easy as making a single move in the ongoing Group Game, or as involved as playing a complete game with one or three of your friends.

There will be a grand prize of one of the chess sets used in the congress: An Earth board, 36 chess token pieces with a drawstring bag to hold them plus a sleek black box to store the game.

The second highest ranked player will receive a stack of rainbow Rose Cross stickers.

All participants will get a ribbon!