Election Prayer – VOTE!!

This is a modification of an Election Prayer I wrote 8 years ago to present in a pre-election interfaith service. I believe we need it again now:

Elhaz – Manaz – Tiwaz – Jera

Call we now the children of Midgard,
Praise to the spirits of the land
We ask you now to guide and guard us
As we make well our rightful will.

Our mighty Mothers here we honor
from womb to womb, since world’s beginning.
And Fathers of the flesh and spirit,
Sacred seed itself renewing.

And mindful Mentors, wisdom winning,
Sacred scalds and holy heroes.
And kind Companions, comfort bringing,
Faithful friends, and helping healers.
With wit and wisdom, guide your children!

Hail to the Founders of this Nation
Courageous leaders of the revolution
You who lived and died for the light of liberty
And preserved our rights to pursue our paths.

Tomorrow a choice is laid before us
According to the promises you gave us
To shape the future of the land and people
According to the will of us all equally

May all who rise to make our choices
Choose with wisdom unclouded by fear
May our voices be heard according to our will
May our choices be counted honestly and well
May the path we choose be the best for all!

Founders! Guard and guide your people!

Hail the Ancestors!
Hail the Landspirits!
Hail the Gods!


P.S. The second stanza is from Diana Paxson‘s ancestor prayer, which I have long since modified for my own use, with her permission.