Divination via Email

In light of Seb and Beth both retiring from offering divination to the public, I am updating and clarifying my own standing offer:

To request an Enhanced Tarot++ reading, email EmberOutreach AT Gmail DOT Com with your question or topic, and let me know if it is a general oracle question (for which I will use the Robin Wood Tarot), or a deity, pantheon, or culture-specific question, (for which I may augment with a Norse, Welsh, or Greek Tarot deck**). If necessary I will help you figure out what your question needs to be and to whom it should be addressed for no additional charge*.

Once I have the parameters, at my next opportunity I will do a meditative Tarot reading with a layout customized to your question, while opening myself to input from the Powers in a manner similar to Oracular Seidh (I am trained in Oracular Seidh and automatic writing both), but less formal.

When I am done, you will receive a detailed write up of the results, and the resulting time-based price. If you need clarification, I will try to help*. If you have more questions we can negotiate a follow-up reading.

Tarot Reading

I will usually charge $1 USD per minute for a minimum of 15 minutes. Typical readings are 30-60 minutes. The longest so far by this method was 90 minutes. Payment via PayPal only, following your receipt of the resulting writeup. Other rates, installments, or barter may be negotiated*.

I tend to get readings done in the middle of the night on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday when I can work with minimal disruptions. I’m sorry, but my schedule does not allow me to do live readings at this time. While I usually read my email daily, I can not promise a same-day reply to your initial request. If I have not responded within 3 days, please try emailing me again, as your message may have gotten eaten by Gmail (this is incredibly unlikely, as I do check my SPAM box regularly).


* Within reasonable limits. Taking up my time with off-the-clock counseling in order to dodge paying me for reading time is not fair to me, nor particularly appreciated by the Powers I serve.
** I also have decks for the Brazilian Orixa and New Orleans Loa, but should not be regarded as a replacement for professional diviners in those traditions.