Devotional Jewelry Roundup

Members of Hrafnar and the Troth are trying to get to the Parliament of the World’s Religions this fall in Salt Lake City. Any profits from devotional jewelry I sell while they’re raising money for this will contribute to their fund* (Or rather, I will send it to them via PayPal towards that fund – it won’t show up on that website unless they list offline donations, sorry :/)

Pictures of my current inventory are below – to learn more about any blessings or options associated with the piece, just click on the picture!

To buy any of these, email me at EmberOutreach AT Gmail DOT com!

A Spoonful of Blessings - Modeled

Charming Spoon Necklace ($80)

Getting In Gear

To Process Necklace ($40)

Nine Worlds Map Necklaces: Earth Set

Nine Worlds Map Prayer Necklaces ($60 each) (7 currently available, including the 3 above)

Knotwork Pendant

Brighid’s Well Necklace ($40)

Sparks Bracelet - Colors

Sparks! Bracelet ($30)

Knotwork Spoon Necklace

Weyland’s Gift Necklace ($20)

Eostre's Rabbit Necklace - Closeup

Eostre’s Rabbit ($30)

Land, Sea, and Sky

Vanaheim Spring Necklace ($40), Deep Water Dance Set ($80) , Stormy Skies Necklace ($50)

As always, the listed price includes shipping for North America (International shipping may cost a bit more). I currently take payments through PayPal.

* Unless the buyer explicitly opts out.