Commanding the Presences

I normally invite the Divine into my rituals, giving the deities and spirits the option to refuse if they don’t want to work with me. I never command them.

Until this morning, as I stood in the ICU next to the bed my wife was still in.

Facing roughly to the north, I silently went through a form of the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, so that my wife’s hospital bed was at the center of the column in which shone the six-rayed star. Then, I requested the presences of the spirits that I, and my wife, work with:

  • I call Great President Buer, with your healing and familiars, Great President Buer: be here now!
  • I call the Morrighan, defender, protector. Fight off what ails Anne, and deliver her to where she desires to be, whether that’s here with me or behind the veil with you. Morrighan: be here now!
  • I call YHWH/Jesus/Holy Spirit, you who have Created, Redeemed, and Sustained Anne: be here now!
  • I call Antinoüs, Lord of the Beloved Dead, Antinoüs the Liberator, Antinoüs the Healer: liberate and heal Anne from what ails her, and if that liberation and healing means she goes with you as opposed to me, so be it. My lord Antinoüs: be here now!
  • I call the Adversary: bring adversity to what ails Anne. Let her will be done, whether that is to stay on Earth with me or to pass on. Shaitan: be here now!

So mote it be!