Coming Home Again

The last year or so I’ve been working with Paul Schneider (and others) on the Oasis Project, which is a plug-and-play service for conventions to provide safer space for people who are overwhelmed, in need of some down time, self-care, or a bit of help. I’ve wanted to do something like this for years now. It’s been wonderfully successful so far! -E-

The Oasis Project

I have a Sensory Processing Disorder of the hypersensitive type. I am
easily overwhelmed by loud sounds, flashing lights, rough textures,
etc. Many years ago, at the last BayCon in the San Jose DoubleTree
hotel, I realized that we had so overgrown the space we were in that
all the quiet corners were occupied. There was no longer any safer,
calm space where I could decompress when I was overwhelmed. That year
was very, very difficult for me.

Then BayCon moved to a bigger space. Unfortunately, that bigger space
was also much, much louder, and I was totally overwhelmed within half
an hour of arrival. I could no longer be staff for the con, and
indeed, couldn’t functionally attend for more than a couple hours in a
day. It was, for me, like being exiled from home. I had been attending
BayCon  since I was 11 years old, and it…

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