Circle of Cerridwen will not be attending PantheaCon

Circle of Cerridwen will not be attending PantheaCon 2020, or any PantheaCon going forward.

We are a coven that accepts, and loves, practitioners of all different backgrounds, particularly transgender and gender expansive practitioners. Over the years that we have attended Pantheacon, we have noticed a significant lack of attention and care from staff and leadership regarding cissexism and racism. PantheaCon leadership and attendees have not only historically been hostile to trans/gender-expansive persons — it’s getting worse. We have seen continued excuses for exclusionary actions and behavior on the part of con staff and leadership, including hexing some of our own coven members.

Furthermore, when attendees of Pantheacon take umbrage with these beliefs and behaviors, we are reprimanded for it.

While it would be ideal if bigots were completely and utterly de-platformed, the next best thing would be for everyone to know who are the exclusionists. Since the leadership of PantheaCon will not commit to ensuring sectarians don’t have a platform, we as a coven have no choice but to discontinue our presence at the con. We cannot continue to call this event a family reunion of witches and pagans if it is made clear time and time again that transgender people, people of color, and anyone who is not a cisgender, white heterosexual is not welcome. As long as we are excluded, as long as our input is devalued, and as long as we are gaslit about the conflicts that transpire within and as a result of the actions of Pantheacon as an event and group of leaders, we cannot continue to tacitly endorse the event with our presence.

Note: We would like to honor the staff that tried to make PantheaCon better but found it necessary to quit because of leadership’s refusal to see reason.