Circle of Cerridwen Statement on Family Separation

27 June 2018

The current US administration has recently enacted a policy of separating children from parents as they are caught crossing the border without prior authorization. Such entry to the country is a misdemeanor and few if any other misdemeanors in this country result in children being forcibly taken from their parents. These parents are then told they may have their children back if they return to the countries from which they fled. These parents are fleeing countries where violence reigns, violence that is a direct result of US policies in those countries over the last several decades. This so-called “crisis at the border” is one that has been created by the US government.

Children are being used as bargaining collateral for political purposes by the self-described party of family values.

The Circle of Cerridwen, a coven in the Open Source Alexandrian Tradition, hereby declares the following:

  • WE UNDERSTAND and recognize the importance of families in all their various forms and so-called legal status.
  • WE CONDEMN this forced separation of children from parents and demand that all children be reunited with their parents immediately.
  • WE DEMAND that the US administration reverse its decision to detain these families indefinitely.
  • WE CONDEMN the promise of children being returned to parents if those parents leave this country, returning to a violent situation created and maintained by the US government.
  • WE DEMAND that agents and officials of the US government refrain from perverting sacred scriptures of any and all traditions to support their crimes against humanity.

By the Powers that are ours from which to request aid and by the Powers that are ours to command, we state these things and more.

In the Names of the Gods,

Rev. Constance Antinoë Magdalene McEntee
High Priest and Teacher, Circle of Cerridwen
Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church