Circle of Cerridwen Presentations At Pantheacon 2016 #pantheacon #pcon

The Pantheacon schedule is now out, and several members of the Circle of Cerridwen have presentations:

Saturday, February 13

1:30 PM Tattva Vision of the Golden Dawn with the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn

The Tattva symbols come from the Samkhya tradition of Hindu philosophy and were introduced to western esotericism by the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. Used for general scrying, as the focus of yantra meditation and as gateways to astral travel, the Tattva symbols can be powerful tools for a variety of magical practices. This workshop will introduce the symbols and will provide some down-to-earth methods for experiencing Tattva Vision.

11:00 PM: Crossroads of Memory: A Trance Dance Ritual with Mage of Machines

Join Mage of Machines (Circle of Cerridwen, CAYA Coven, and drummers from Spark Collective) in honoring Mnemosyne and Hekate in a journey of music, ritual, and trance. We walk to the crossroads. We pay our toll to the Powers. We go beyond. Dance to Mnemosyne… dance to Hekate… dance to remember… dance in memorium… dance to forget.

Sunday, February 14

3:30 PM: Radical Inclusion for Pagans with Rev. Gina Pond
What is Radical Inclusion and why is it important for Pagan groups? This workshop will help to define radical inclusion and how to apply it to your group, coven, or grove. Based on the Twelve Steps of Radical Inclusion by Bishop Yvette Flunder, we will also discuss how radical inclusion can improve interfaith and intra-faith relations, particularly between privileged and marginalized groups.
7:00 PM: The Kuan Yin Oracle with Denise Cicuto
This is an introduction to this divination system that is thousands of years old, dedicated to & inspired by the Goddess of Compassion. We’ll discuss the history, look at some different versions & do a divination.
We’re still waiting to hear about hospitality suite details, and will have more information closer to the convention! We hope to see you all there!