@Pantheacon is here!! #pantheacon

Come visit us in Room 966! We’ve got a lot of stuff going on! Feel free to Tweet us @st4rdotorg or email us at circleofcerridwen@gmail.com if you have questions or comments! (Twitter and email is also the easiest way to contact the Circle of Cerridwen throughout the weekend!) Happy Pantheacon!  

W.O.G.D. Knowledge Deck One

Announcing the W.O.G.D. Flashing Flashcards DeckWe are proud to announce the first in a series of decks of cards, the Flashing Flashcards, are now available through thegamecrafter.com! Two very important founding principles of the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn are the basis of the two halves of this first “Knowledge Deck.” The first of these principles is that not…

@Pantheacon Programming with st4r.org Members:

Hey all, There are two workshops in the official program that include Circle of Cerridwen/st4r.org members:   Sunday 1:30 PM, Boardroom: Visioning for our Culture–Gender, Many Genders, No Gender? with Michelle Mueller and Rev. Gina Pond This program is open to people of all genders (including non-gendered folk), and is especially for people interested in…