Mage of Machines

@Pantheacon is here!! #pantheacon

Come visit us in Room 966! We’ve got a lot of stuff going on! Feel free to Tweet us @st4rdotorg or email us at if you have questions or comments! (Twitter and email is also the easiest way to contact the Circle of Cerridwen throughout the weekend!) Happy Pantheacon!  

Next Weekend is @Pantheacon! Come visit us in Room 966!

We’re getting really excited! This coming Friday is the start of Pantheacon, and we’ve been getting ready to present you with many wonderful things! Our biggest gig is “Crossroads of Memory: A Trance Dance Ritual” Saturday night at 11 pm with Mage of Machines (which includes Circle of Cerridwen and CAYA Coven)! (I can tell…

TWIH Episode 20: The Descent: A Samhain Meditative Journey with Mage of Machines

This week’s episode is a special Samhain edition of This Week in Heresy. This approximately one hour meditation is a journey to the Underworld and the Isle of Apples, under the protection of Inanna, to commune with the Beloved Dead. The music was written, composed, and performed by Sarah Thompson, also known as Mage of […]

The Heretic Writes: Samhain, Writing, Change, and Some Email

I’ve been thinking about doing written posts to go with This Week In Heresy and The Heretic Speaks for awhile now, and it’s just tonight that I was able to sit down to the computer and actually write. It’ll probably be easier for me to write stuff in the next few weeks since we’ll be […]