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Harbin Hot Springs Devastated by #ValleyFire

The Circle of Cerridwen and friends are saddened to learn that Harbin Hot Springs, a beloved retreat center that was a favorite spot for the greater pagan and LGBTQA community in the SF Bay Area has been devastated by the Valley Fire. PLEASE SEE THE HARBIN WEBSITE FOR OFFICIAL UPDATES. There are no official fundraising sites…

@Pantheacon Programming with Members:

Hey all, There are two workshops in the official program that include Circle of Cerridwen/ members:   Sunday 1:30 PM, Boardroom: Visioning for our Culture–Gender, Many Genders, No Gender? with Michelle Mueller and Rev. Gina Pond This program is open to people of all genders (including non-gendered folk), and is especially for people interested in…

Update: Circle of Cerridwen/ Suite Schedule! @pantheacon #pcon #pantheacon

Packing, planning, and scheming is in full swing here at HQ, and I’m sure that many of you are also in the midst of your own Pantheacon packing. And, or course, because life is like that, there are few last minute additions to our suite schedule: Friday: • Suite opens at 4 PM •…

TWIH Episode 6: Two Witchy Heretics with Devin Hunter

This week’s guest is Devin Hunter, host of the Modern Witch Podcast. In this episode, we, two witchy heretics, talk about evolutions in the greater Pagan community. We start with gender issues, then move on to pagan and witchcraft theology, the evolution of the Pagan community, and how the arguments we have online may not […]

TWIH Episode 1: Metafaith and the Vicar’s Wife with Sarah Thompson

My first in-studio guest is my wife, Sarah Thompson. She’s a for-reals rocket scientist, 3rd Degree priest and co-founder of the Circle of Cerridwen, and co-founder of the Witches’ Order of the Golden Dawn. She just started writing a column for the Patheos Pagan Channel called “Queer of Swords.” In this episode we talk about […]