BRIGHID’S CALL: Reforge Hardened Hearts

My own version of the Morrigan’s spell to channel anger, banish fear and hate burned entirely cleanly in one solid interval. I’m very pleased, as my first attempt at this work got overwhelmed and the wick drowned. But that was clearly because I was over-reaching, trying to channel all that anger and fear into one candle, instead of caring for my own valley and letting others care for their lands.

With some aid from another friend, I was able to clarify Brighid’s portion of the spell, which is optional for those who feel up to it (again, paraphrased from memory):

“Heat not only burns fuel away, it also softens the hardest of metals, making them malleable. Use this fuel, this fire, to bring hardened hearts to my forge, that I may shape them, temper them, and heal them in the waters of my well.”

Simple Candle Spell

My version of the spell to channel anger, banish hate, and transform hardened hearts.

As before, the spell is two fires, and local water: Let one fire (red) channel the anger, fear, and hate, and the other (white) illuminate the truth, so that people are not so easily swayed by lies and doubt. Let both fires burn hot, to soften hardened hearts that Brighid may help them heal and learn. Let the waters connect the spell to the local land, to define the area of the water table, and to provide cooling healing to all.

One thing I realized as I was typing all this: Brighid is also allied with the Christians as a saint, and thus can reach many who might otherwise balk at the aid of a Pagan goddess.

If you are willing, I am still asking people to please share the original post, and/or this one – share the link, repost/reblog it, copy the text entirely, or even make your own version.

Again, the work is what matters.