Brief Thoughts on @Pantheacon 2014

It’s funny, the last few years I was itching to get home and post on my blog about everything that happened at Pantheacon. Most of the last few years consisted of me and Sarah doing a lot of very public things (which you can dive into the archives for).

This year seemed to be just as busy, but really focused on other people’s work. Not that I didn’t have my own work to do, since I did have two of my own presentations to do, but a good deal of the weekend seemed to be spent watching our other coven members do awesome things. I had so many moments of pride watching the people I’ve initiated (or helped to initiate) doing their work and then having random people come up to me later saying how much they enjoyed it or how much it helped them.

The other thing was seeing how much of the work we started in 2011, by our willingness to speak up and say something about gender issues, has continued through others. Even better, it has inspired others to speak on issues of race, privilege, and other important topics in the Pagan Community. It’s even inspired others to create ritual and mythology (which started last year and deepened this year).

There were also the people who hung out in our suite who were new and some people who come by last year who came back to see us again this year. So many stories of transformation, ritual done, and people fed. People who thanked us for having a drug and alcohol-free suite. People who asked us questions and people who just came in for ribbons (of which we had many). Just a lot of really awesome folks from all over.

So, this year, I’m just acknowledging how awesome people were and how much awesome work my coven did. There were some people I didn’t get a chance to see this year, and if one of them was you, just know that even if I didn’t get to your thing or see you in your suite, or whatever, that I know you must have been doing awesome stuff, too. Because, well, Pantheacon was just awesome!

And now, it’s time to get some more sleep (because sleep dep…).


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