Beauty Beyond the Pale #ShowMeFreyja

A while back someone lamented (in a blog I can’t find again – argh!) that while European artists have happily depicted any and every god of the world as European people over the centuries, there’s precious little art available today depicting European gods as people from anywhere else in the world. It’s far too hard for Pagans of Color to see themselves in the gods if the gods never look like them.

Freyja didn’t like that one bit.

Freyja is the [Northern] [Goddess of Beauty], not the [Goddess] of [Northern Beauty], dammit. There is beauty literally EVERYWHERE.

As a Freyjaswoman, it’s my duty to find it, and raise it up in the world! If I can’t find it, then I’d better see about creating it!

Ma’am, yes Ma’am!

So I’m going to try to do just that. Here’s my first attempt:

This portrait of Freyja is based on the amazingly beautiful Gina Torres

This portrait of Freyja is based on the amazingly beautiful Gina Torres!

Over time I intend to find beautiful people of many ethnicities, body shapes, and persuasions to use as models for as many portraits of Freyja as I can manage, because beauty belongs to everyone, and Freyja shows us that.

How can you contribute? Three ways!

1: If you are a visual artist of some kind, and especially if you are dedicated to a Deity of Beauty of some kind, join me in this project, depicting people as whichever Deity of Beauty you are dedicated to! Get out there and #ShowMeFreyja (Or, y’know #ShowMeAphrodite, #ShowMe[YourGodHere])

2: On my own I’m going to start with images of humans whose beauty knocks my socks off. I know that’s a huge bias. So feel free to break me out of my bubble! Suggest someone for me to portray as Freyja (or some other European deity, if that seems more suitable)!

3: I know I can’t possibly be the first person to do this. If you find other examples of artists depicting European gods as people of non-European ethnicities, point me to them!