Beauty Beyond Gender #ShowMeFreyja

Lon came across this beautiful photograph taken by Shilo McCabe of genderqueer porn performer Jiz Lee draped in a feathered cloak:

Jiz Lee Echoes Freyja - Used with permission

Falcon-winged, fly windy ways!

It reminded me very much of this image of Freyja by Maris Pai, which is one of my favorite portraits of Freyja.

I realized immediately that my focus for this project is too narrow. I had been thinking of how to portray Freyja’s beauty in terms of ethnic diversity, and perhaps body-shape diversity, but I hadn’t thought gender diversity would work. And yet here it is, gorgeously rendered. I don’t believe the photographer or model actually had Freyja in mind (I could be wrong about the photographer, I don’t know!) but that just goes to show that Freyja’s beauty is everywhere, not just where we choose to place it.

If you are a visual artist of some kind, and especially if you are dedicated to a Deity of Beauty of some kind, join me in this project, depicting people as whichever Deity of Beauty you are dedicated to! Get out there and #ShowMeFreyja (Or, y’know #ShowMeAphrodite, #ShowMe[YourGodHere])


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