Gina Pond

See you at Pantheacon!

There’s 3 more days until Pantheacon! I think it should be a rather interesting Pcon for me and the Circle of Cerridwen this year. Not only do we have our Gender and Transgender Open Discussion on Sunday, but we will also have paper copies of the book available at the discussion. Don’t forget that the […]

Words can kill.

Rev. Snark sent the 4M a link to this article in Rolling Stone about a town that has had 9 suicides of teens who identified as queer, or were perceived as queer. That’s 9 suicides in two years. Let me say that again: 9 suicides in two years. Our society tends to think that words […]

Dual Citizenship

Sarah and I were driving home from doing some errands a few weeks ago, when, not too far from home, she asked, “So, can you have something like dual citizenship in this religion thing?” And, with that question, a whole lot of puzzle pieces fell in to place: I hadn’t really left Christianity behind entirely. […]

Why? (#OWS #OccupySF #OccupyOakland)

I was going to sit and write an anecdote about a conversation I had the other day with someone who felt that charities could provide all the social services needed to help people out. I pointed out that, if it was a perfect world, and there was no discrimination (class, race, sex, gender, etc), then […]

Radical Inclusion, Even for Me

This past Sunday I went to City of Refuge in San Francisco. The whole service was amazing, from the music to the sermons to the people. (If you decide to go check it out, I highly recommend bringing water and snack because the service can run 2+ hours! I’m really glad I had some along.) […]

Work, Insights, Beads, and Magick

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about myself and there’s just been so much going on with me, it sometimes feels like I have no idea what to write about. Or, there are things I’d write about, but they’re too personal. This week is reading week, however, and I have a little bit of time […]

The Towers

In Tarot, the Tower represents great change, and sometimes catastrophic change that will change one’s life forever. Ten years ago, two towers came down and changed our lives. Was it catastrophic change? Looking through the lens of the present, I think so. It’s changed the way our government works. It’s led us into wars we […]

Updates to the OSA Wiki

This is just a post to say that the Open Source Alexandrian Wiki has been updated. The calendar, mailing lists, and a new section on OSA membership has been added. Another new thing is that there is now an OSA discussion list. This list is for anyone who’s interested in Open Source Alexandrian or would […]